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Welcome to Bharat Silverware! Let's make it shine!

These are the ground rules to keep things smooth for everyone shopping at Bharat Silverware.

Browsing Our Website:

Think of it as our living room: All the cool pictures, descriptions, and content belong to us. Don't go copying, sharing, or selling it without asking first.

Our name and logos are special: They're like our family crest, so please don't use them without our permission.

What We Can't Promise:

We strive for perfection, but sometimes things go wonky: We try our best to keep everything on the website accurate, but there's always a chance of a tiny mistake.

Tech glitches happen: If a computer virus or some other technical gremlin pops up, we might need to shut down the site temporarily. Don't worry, we'll fix it ASAP!

Legal Stuff:

Disagreements happen: If things get bumpy and we need to settle things legally, the courts in Delhi, India will be the judge.

Privacy Matters:

Your information is safe with us: We value your privacy and would never share your personal details like name or email without your okay.

Your passwords and bank info are top secret: We don't share that kind of stuff with advertisers or anyone else. Not ever.

Using Coupon Codes:

We love giving you deals! Sometimes we offer coupon codes for discounts. Here's the scoop on using them:
We can turn off a coupon code at any time.
Expired coupons are like wilted flowers - they don't work anymore.
Some coupons might only be valid for specific things or dates.
Usually, you can't combine coupons with other offers unless we say so.

Just a heads up:

Payment problems aren't our fault: If your card gets declined because you've maxed it out, that's not on us.

By using our website, you're cool with these rules. If not, that's okay, but you might not be able to use all the features.

Got questions? Shoot us an email at [email protected]. We're always happy to help!

Thanks for choosing Bharat Silverware! We appreciate your business and hope you find something shiny and beautiful.

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