Bharat Silverware cares about your privacy!

Here's how we handle your information when you visit our website:

What we collect: Basically, things to help us serve you better. This includes your name, contact details, and what you do on our site (like adding items to your cart).

Why we collect it: To give you what you requested (think order confirmation, special offers), improve our site based on how you use it, and occasionally send you updates on new products or deals (but you can always opt out of these emails!).

Cookies: These are tiny files that help us remember things you do on our site, like what you add to your cart. We don't use them for anything else.

Keeping things safe: We take strong measures to protect your information using secure servers and encryption. We're constantly on the lookout for ways to keep your data safe.

You have choices!

Saying no to info collection: It's totally fine, but some features might not work without it.

Keeping your information up-to-date: Need to change your address? No problem! You can update your information anytime.

No more emails? We get it. You can unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of any email or emailing us directly.

Have questions? Shoot us an email at [email protected]

Just a heads up: This policy applies only to our website. If you click on a link to another site, their privacy policy applies.

By using our website, you're agreeing to this privacy policy. If you're not on board, that's totally cool, but you might not be able
to use all the features.

Thanks for choosing Bharat Silverware! We appreciate your business.

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